Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stop bothering...

i always think im sensitive enough to understand the situation... but sometimes not.. it gives a wrong impact afterall..
i'll stop bother things that i think i shouldnt bother.. but yet.. it's bothered me..
confusing with myself..is such a pathetic way of life...
well im still learning.. learn from the lessons.. and i will never forget this lesson easily..
You Know What???... i Hope u don't.... cause u never ever know....

Sunday, February 21, 2010


few years staying at a same apartment but every year different blocks and levels.
i'hd been shifting the house every year, and each time the rubbish i throw can be a small rubbish mount for rats...yeah..rats... imagine the size..
well.. eventhough there is a lot to throw...to dump...to leave.. but the memories about those rubbish just wont begone from my head... sweet or bad memories, i dun want to judge it casue i dunno how....simple..and now it became the roots in my life.. in other way of saying was "if not them,there's no me today"

im growing.. like a tree.. each time i grab the soil from the earth.. it cost me a lot of things.. and its tired.. but no one could have the experience i gained... no matter in what sort of matter.. study..family..love....

Well love is the most hardest thing ever to figure and understand.. i wish there is something to deal with this matter..can i just sell my love out.. or free of charge its okay..or maybe i pay u to have it... cause i dun really need it since it is so suffering... but now.. i think it was a mistake that i shouldn't made.. i shouldn't just left my love behind, dumped to anybody... i should..KEEP IT...save it.....lock it....

Untill there is someone who knows to unlock it.....
Tsaaaaaaaa~~~~~ You Know Who??? no u don't...==

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Sweat!!!!

Well..It's been a long time i never get so nervous like this before.
I first knew him was from a friend
my first time saw him was in the studio and he was carrying a box
First word i say to him was.. "Hey!" when im on the way back home
and the second word.."Hye!".. when i met him in a restaurant
but the first hey was the first time i look into his eye but just only 2 seconds
we chat on messenger, but never chat in real
but one day he asked me on msn " you're into bears aren't you?"
thats the first time i get shock by him.. well i not sure is he "people like us" or he just a smart guy, too smart to know things he wouldn't know?
i was sweating while replying his message
and his answers was confusing, but honestly..
i was hoping the answer is "yea, i am"
yes its kind of selfish just wanted him to say that..
that's what im thinking when i start to like somebody
and im a coward too, cause im afraid he'll stop talking to me......
fairy tale....love story...whatever....i don't really believe it will falls on me, but i do believe it will happen on somebody who deserve it...
tshaaaaaa~~~~ You Know What.. no, u don't...==

Thursday, December 3, 2009





就刚结束了final presentation,好像是。。“好像”是轻松了。

Saturday, February 28, 2009





Saturday, February 21, 2009


我实在是太空闲了,在几个星期前,到了一家水晶店,里头有一位上了年纪的先生或小姐的,他们都是在帮人看八字。 自己对八字向来是有些许的兴趣,所以当天的前几天就和他们订了位置,说“我要看八字!”。。。